The Importance of Hands-on Commercial Construction Management

The Importance of Hands-on Commercial Construction Management

The Importance of Hands-on Commercial Construction Management

The Importance of Hands-on Commercial Construction Management 1280 850 DDB

A Look into DDB’s Commercial Construction Management Services

Is your commercial property in need of a renovation or remodel? At DDB, our expert team consists of a valued network of architects, engineers, and contractors who work together to ensure every step of the project is completed regarding our client’s vision.

Take a look at our six key commercial construction management services.

DDB’s 6 Key Services

Planning/Site Building Survey

Before beginning a commercial construction project with DDB, we provide our clients with a planning/site-building survey. By completing a site survey, our team can obtain essential information on project goals and eliminate any potential issues before they arise.

Estimating & Budgeting

At DDB, we are committed to fostering an open dialogue with our clients surrounding cost estimates for their projects. Our estimating and budgeting services provide our clients with accurate and timely in-house cost estimates to reduce financial risk and cost overruns.

Project Management & General Contracting

Our project management services guarantee a uniformly completed, cost-controlled project. To ensure our clients’ projects run smoothly, we connect clients with a team of dependable professionals to oversee subcontractors, vendors, and design management.

Value Engineering & Cost Control

Through our value engineering and cost control services, our clients receive a detailed overview of their project costs, including material, methods, and work scope. These services also allow our team to accurately assess the project at hand and offer more affordable products and systems at the highest quality.

Design-Build Services

At DDB, we pride ourselves on our many successful industry partnerships. Our design-build services allow us to remove the burden off our clients to find multiple trade professionals. We conduct and oversee the entire hiring process to provide our clients with qualified and trusted tradespeople to work with through each phase of their project.

Project Improvement Projects (PIPs)

For hotels failing to meet brand standards, partnering with DDB for hotel PIP will ensure timely renovations to the property. Our PIP services will alleviate hotel staff’s stress of overseeing, scheduling, and completing upgrades and repairs to their property.

Choose DDB for Your Next Commercial Construction Project

At DDB, we foster open and trusting relationships with our clients by removing the burden of a construction project from them. We are honored to be considered at the forefront of the commercial construction industry and look forward to working with you. Contact us today to start planning your next commercial construction project.