What is Value Engineering for Construction?

What is Value Engineering for Construction?

What is Value Engineering for Construction?

What is Value Engineering for Construction? 1280 850 DDB

What is Value Engineering in Building Design and Construction?

If you’re looking to start a construction project for your commercial property, you may find yourself asking, “what is value engineering?”

Essentially, value engineering aims to ensure that the client’s project is under a cost control, so they receive total value, based on dollar amount, on their project. This is typically done through a value analysis, where contractors and engineers work together to identify the functionality of a project while keeping costs as low and as close to budget as possible to ensure there is maximum value for their client.

The Value Engineering Process

While every construction and contracting company has a different strategy, the most common value engineering process includes planning, design, and methodology.

1. The Planning Stage

The planning stage is arguably the most critical stage of the value engineering process. During this stage, a line of communication needs to be established between all parties in the project. By identifying costs early on, the project can be modified to fit the scope established to save all parties more time and energy than trying to cut costs later.

2. The Design Stage

During the design stage, all parties come together to review the design plan set forth for all the different project elements, estimated costs, timelines, and the best options available. This stage is most helpful for identifying any early problems and coming up with alternative solutions before getting to the actual implementation of the project.

3. The Methodology Stage

The final stage of the value engineering process is the methodology stage. During this stage is when the project starts to come to life. This includes project development, evaluations, creative brainstorming, and function analysis. Once all of these phases are completed, the actual construction project can begin.

DDB’s Value Engineering and Cost Control Services

At DDB, our value engineering and cost-controlled services provide a systematic and detailed review of project costs. This includes materials, methods, and scope of work for our clients to have a complete understanding of what is going into their construction project. When working with us, you can expect an open line of communication where our team will continually assess your project’s potential and present comparable and more affordable products and systems while retaining the highest quality and respect for your vision.

Choose DDB for Your Next Commercial Construction Project

At DDB, we foster open and trusting relationships with our clients by removing the burden of a construction project from them. We are honored to be considered at the forefront of the commercial construction industry and look forward to working with you. Contact us today to start planning your construction project.